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Exeter Community Radio Ltd was formed in 2007 to apply for a full-time community radio licence for Exeter. After a successful bid Phonic.FM came on air on 15th February 2008 designed to provide 'a sound alternative' for Exeter on 106.8fm and online at

The company does not broadcast advertisements or receive major sponsorship and has become a "no playlist, no format station". After ten years on air the company applied to OFCOM, the radio regulator which awarded an extension to its licence that will run until February 2023. The Company willingly acknowledges the financial support it has received from a wide range of funders, but remains largely self-funding.

.. Moving into custom built studios in July 2008; the station is housed in the basement of "The Phoenix" ( and really is at the heart of the City of Exeter. Serving a resident population of 120,000 and a student population of 20,000, the constantly evolving style of the stations output reflects and supports the wide arts based activities that are available in the City and beyond.

Control Desk, Sound Gallery One

 Phonic FM intends to apply to the regulator for an increase in signal power during 2018 and is also available on a wide range of radio based apps.

It is also fortunate in sharing the basement area with a state of the art recording studio, which in addition to providing a showcase for new and emerging talent gives Phonic the facility to broadcast 'live' sessions from their recording studio via a link to the radio studio. It is also possible to feed live acts performing in other parts of the building to be broadcast 'as live' in performance.

"Phonic. FM is beyond being alternative"
- Christian Brookes (Times on line)

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